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Sep 01 2013

What you really wish it said

I spent part of my Labor Day weekend posting grades for the upcoming mid-term progress reports.  It’s hard to believe that next week is our fifth week back in school.

The computer system we use for grades gives you a place to put some canned comments in.  It doesn’t let you put in anything you’d actually want to say.  For example, it has one option that says “Is inattentive in class.”  What you really wish it said was “Never shuts up.”  Another option says, “Needs to improve low test scores.”  What it really should say, in order to have the proper impact on the parent, is “Needs to raise his average 48 points to hit a ‘D.’”  There’s one that says, “Lacks needed materials.”  What it should say is “Kid has an iPhone, $100 jeans, $200 sneakers, and $20 worth of snacks in his backpack–can you buy him a pencil and some paper?”  Instead of “Request conference with parent” it should say, “You would be embarrassed to know what your kid has done this time!”

It’s probably a good thing that they have the pre-programmed messages in there.  I might get myself into some trouble otherwise.

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